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Our Hi!

Here is our Sample of the Contract, Payment Methods & Rules below
Please read all our requirements and additional information before asking any questions!

If you'll buy a kitten from CATS KINGDOM*USA CATTERY:
  • You buying a British shorthair kitten which meets all the standards of this breed and guaranteed to be socialized, healthy, liter box trained and registered on one of the cats associations TICA or WCF.
  • We do not accept visits our kittens because it can be little dangerous. We do not want to risk safety to our family and pets. But we do accept visits just for look at the cats or pick up a kitten.
  • We do ship our kittens (shipping fee not included into price) when kitten turn 3 month old.
When you buying kitten in our cattery you need to know:

  • Our kittens registered and they are pure bred British shorthair kittens
  • Our kittens litter box and scratch board trained
  • Our kittens are fed raw blend cat food
  • Our kittens went through veterinarian checkup before going to new home
  • Our kittens are getting all shots on their age.
  • Our adult cats tested for FIV, FELV, heart worms diseases.
  • You can read our kitten sale contract ( when people click on contract link it should be open contract) I'll send it in next ticket.
  • Our price ranges from $2000 to $5000 depending on kitten. Kittens will be sold as a pet only. Sometimes we can sell kitten with breeding right but it our choice.
What do you need to prepare for kitten?

  • Food and water bawls.
  • Litter pan. We are recommend to buy litter pan without cover. For litter we are using "Fresh Step" litter.
  • Scratching tree.
  • Food. We use for feeding our cats raw blends produce by our company. We not recommend to change a food for first 5-7 days because kittens will be in a stress and we don't want that you'll have any health issues.
Please read this first then write to me

New kitten's owner will receive a sales contract. Kittens will be litter trained, scratch tree trained, partially or fully vaccinated, and dewormed. Rabies vaccine is not required until 4 months of age. Medical records will be provided. Upon neutering at the age of 6-8 months you will be able to obtain a copy of kitten's pedigree from TICA. Please submit a copy of your vet bill by mail/email and I will send you all the necessary documentation.

Our kittens staying with us until 12-16 weeks of age anв time. No exceptions! If you'll need to make special arrangements and pick your kittens at a later time please do ask me about that. All our adult cats were HIP and PKD tested negative, and also tested on the FIV and FELV. To find out show schedules please visit TICA website.

Our goal is to breed healthy, well mannered and beautiful British Shorthaired cats. There is a lot that goes into a breeding program that makes kittens available for you: cost of stock, time, cost of food and medical attention, showing cats. Please do not negotiate the prices. There are no discounts if you buy more than one. We intend to breed females once (sometimes twice if a previous litter was 1-2 kittens) a year. Therefore the quantities of kittens are limited.
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