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Why our cattery?
We are in breeding 16 years and exactly know at the first conversation what people need to get.
We breed exclusive colors of British shorthair and longhair and have best genetic lines.
As a certified cat trainers we can tell that our cats and kittens are well trained, and have best personality.
Hope to see you as our new pet owner.


We are happy to see you on our website and hope you can get all answers on your questions and leave with new family member.
What age kittens can leave our cattery?
Between 12-16 weeks.
How often and what kitten is eating?
We feed our kittens raw blends what our company produces and 2-3% of the weight daily.
And it’s
When is the best time to fix kitten?
Kitten can be neutered or spayed no earlier than 6 months. New owner responsible to do it.
What will be provided with a kitten?
Kitten will have vaccinations on age, deworming, flea treatment and health record from certified veterinarian.
Also all kittens will be checked by vet on day when they leaving a cattery.
Beautiful British Shorthair kittens
British shorthair grey color kittens are most popular color with coby body, fluffy coat and round face. We have kittens like that in our cattery.
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